Windows Azure Data Centre Locations

For those of you that want to know the specifics of the Windows Azure Data Centre Locations, this is what I have found:

  • North Central US – Chicago, Illinois
  • South Central US – San Antonio, Texas
  • West US – California
  • East US – Virginia
  • North Europe – Dublin, Ireland
  • West Europe – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • East Asia – Hong Kong
  • Southeast Asia – Singapore
Windows Azure Data Centre Locations

Windows Azure Data Centre Locations

The information above is based on what I have found on the internet, and not from Microsoft.


  • Simon Neve

    The information above is wrong.

    Dublin is north europe and Amsterdam is west europe (even though dublin is further west than Amsterdam)

  • Xavier

    Thanks for the list of locations. Although the location of Amsterdam is clearly wrong on the map (you put it in Greece !)

  • Andrew Bishop

    At TECHED NZ 2013 Scott Guthrie said that 2 azure data centres were to be opened in Australia. Have you heard any thing about that?

  • Sam

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me with information. I am launching a matrimonial portal (where users can post profiles and choose life partners and marry). Most of my users are in India.

    I am based out of the US, and soon my business will be handled out of an India office.

    My website uses MVC 4.5 framework and my problem is the server location: I hardly have good reviews about hosting companies in India – even US companies with data centers in India have a hard time offering 99.5 % up-time.

    I have tried to do some homework on latency and load times if the site were to be hosted in the US or Europe. There are two sides: one says that distance should have no impact on load times, whereas the other one disagrees? Can someone please let me have their views?

    Also Can someone recommend a good hosting company in Asia (preferably Singapore or Malaysia).

  • David Pike

    I’m in Vancouver, Canada. That’s West Coast, and 2-hour drive from Redmond. I noticed “Welcome from Seattle” on my portal. So is that another US data centre?

    Question 2: are there any at all in Canada? This is a huge issue for Canadian clients. They do not trust any data residing in the US.

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