Cisco Intercloud Services

Cisco Intercloud Services (CIS) is a Cisco owned and operated cloud platform that was first launched in partnership with Telstra in November 2014, delivered out of Telstra’s Clayton, Victoria, data centre, based on OpenStack orchestration and KVM as the underlying Hypervisor.

In a similar way to Telstra’s owned and operated cloud solutions, CIS is also able to connect Telstra customers back to their private Next IP network for a minimal fee.


Cisco Intercloud Services (CIS) are currently available in the following Telstra operated data centres:

  • Melbourne, Australia

More data centre locations are planned with some of the region’s already in-build. CIS will offer Telstra and Cisco customers a consistent architecture based on OpenStack with APIs globally.

Managing your Infrastructure

You can manage your infrastructure using two different methods. The first being Horizon, OpenStack’s web based management console.

The second option for management is not for the faint hearted – using the APIs. The OpenStack APIs provide a command line interface that allow you to automate the deployment and management of your environment.

Service and Contract Terms

Cisco Intercloud Services is available on a consumption based model whereby you pay for the resources that you consume, by the hour. There are no plans, monthly commitments or reserved instances at the time of writing.

Please have a look at the following page that provides more information about Cisco Intercloud Services.

Service Management

Service Management is provided to customers via their management console,