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  1. Dear Matthew

    I would like to use your tips “Moving Windows 7 User Profiles during Installation” with a new Windows 7 install on an SSD.

    The question is:
    Will your tips work with an SSD installation?

    In the internet I can read the instruction to disconnect all other drives to install Windows 7 to the SSD. But if I want to transfer the files to drive D it’s impossible without the disk connected.

    Do you think I could connect the hard disk just before I press SHIFT + F10 ?

    Many thanks if you have time to reply.


  2. Nice blog on migrating a SQL Server Database to SQL Azure. Users of MYOB AccountRight Live are suffering because of MYOB’s decision to use SQL Azure (Singapore with a 200+ms latency) and a fat client architecture.

  3. Can you please assist?

    I have been asked to set up SMTP on a server on our domain on windows 2008. This is not the same location as my exchange server.

    I have istalled the SMTP sucessully on SMTP-A
    My exhange Server let’s call it Exchange-B

    The purpose of this installation is to allow incoming message to a an email address on Exchange-B be forwarded to SMTP-A server,

    What do we need to setup on the Exhange-B server so emails are forwarded to the SMTP-A host.? Should we set up another SMTP agent on the exhange server?

    Is this setup is incorrect please let me know. Basically we want all the meials be dropped off to a local directory on the SMTP-A host.

    Thanking you in advance

  4. I need help with Visual Reports in 2010. My issue is I do not use all the “standard” fields toward cost therefore the stand reports that are available are not good enough for me. I have created custom fields in task text and resource text. I want and need to use these fields so I will not have to export all this data into excel and create pivot tables.

    I just need some training on what I have; can you help me?


    Reynalda Torres

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