Network Diagram Activities

A Network Diagram Activity is:

A Network Diagram is made up of a number of Activities, and each of the Activities consists of one or more Work Packages.

An Activity is an element in the project that consumes time, such as work or waiting.

Types of Activities:

  • Merge Activity – an Activity that has more than one activity immediately preceding it
  • Parallel Activities – two Activities that can take place at the same time
  • Path – A sequence of connected, dependent Activities
  • Critical Path – the path in the Network Diagram with the longest duration through the network. If any Activity on the critical path is delayed, the project will be delayed by the same amount of time.
  • Critical Activity – an Activity on the Critical Path
  • Non Critical Activity – an Activity not on the Critical Path
  • Event – an Event represents a point in time when an Activity is started or completed – it does not consume time
  • Burst Activity – an Activity that has more than one Activity immediately following it
  • Hammock Activity – creating of a Macro Network by grouping or rolling-up Activities to get the right level of detail


  • Activities may or may not require resources
  • Activities may represent one or more tasks from the work package
  • Activities descriptions of activities should use a verb/noun format such as: Develop Product Specifications
  • Refer to the Task Dependencies in Microsoft Project 2010 post for more information on Activity Relationships