There is more than one type of Resource in Microsoft Project

There are four different types of resources that can be used when scheduling a project using Microsoft Project which are:

  1. Work Resources – People or equipment that consume time when working on a task
  2. Material Resources – Items that are consumed while working on a project, such as timber, fuel and other consumables
  3. Generic Resources – Whatever you decide to define as a resource. Generic resources may be specific skills required by task and used prior to assigning any individual persons. (Project Server deals with this scenario using the Resource Substitution Wizard)
  4. Cost Resources – Used to add fixed costs to a project that do not depend on any work being performed such as a once off rental fee or some other fixed price.

If you are not using Microsoft Project Server, you can configure your resources in a separate file without tasks and share them across more than one project.

Some of the benefits of using a shared resource pool are:

  • You list all your resources and set their rates and availability once
  • You have a central place to update resource rates and availability
  • You can view the allocation of all your resources across multiple projects from a single view – the Team Planner

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