Twitter Plug-In for Graffiti CMS – Graffiti CMS updates Twitter

Recently I have been setting up a few blog sites using Graffiti CMS and I have found it rather difficult to locate a nice Twitter Plug-In that would publish Graffiti CMS post notifications to Twitter.

There are a couple of options around on the interweb, however none of them did what I wanted them to do, so I decided to see how difficult it was to write a Graffiti CMS Plug-In!

Writing the Graffiti CMS Plug-In was actually quite straight forward. I used Visual Studio 2010, added a couple of references to graffiti.core.dll and databuddy.dll, and before I knew it, I had my very own working Graffiti CMS Plug-In! Then I wanted to do more, so I added some url shortening, twitter hash tags, and tweet prefixes for new and updated posts. By adding these additional options, I have probably ended up over complicating what could have been a really simple Graffiti CMS Plug-In!

Below is a screen shot of the configuration screen, and I have attached the .dll files that you can copy into the bin directory of your Graffiti CMS site to get started. Let me know if you are interested in the source code, I would be happy to send it and allow you to make any modifications that you would like to.

I hope that someone else finds this useful!

You can download the Graffiti CMS Twitter plug-in

You can find the Graffiti Plug-In documentation on CodePlex

You can find the Graffiti Event Documentation on CodePlex