Windows Azure Data Centre Locations

For those of you that want to know the specifics of the Windows Azure Data Centre Locations, this is what I have found:

  • North Central US – Chicago, Illinois
  • South Central US – San Antonio, Texas
  • West US – California
  • East US – Virginia
  • North Europe – Dublin, Ireland
  • West Europe – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • East Asia – Hong Kong
  • Southeast Asia – Singapore
Windows Azure Data Centre Locations
Windows Azure Data Centre Locations

The information above is based on what I have found on the internet, and not from Microsoft.

16 thoughts on “Windows Azure Data Centre Locations

  1. The information above is wrong.

    Dublin is north europe and Amsterdam is west europe (even though dublin is further west than Amsterdam)

  2. Thanks for the list of locations. Although the location of Amsterdam is clearly wrong on the map (you put it in Greece !)

  3. At TECHED NZ 2013 Scott Guthrie said that 2 azure data centres were to be opened in Australia. Have you heard any thing about that?

  4. I would really appreciate if someone can help me with information. I am launching a matrimonial portal (where users can post profiles and choose life partners and marry). Most of my users are in India.

    I am based out of the US, and soon my business will be handled out of an India office.

    My website uses MVC 4.5 framework and my problem is the server location: I hardly have good reviews about hosting companies in India – even US companies with data centers in India have a hard time offering 99.5 % up-time.

    I have tried to do some homework on latency and load times if the site were to be hosted in the US or Europe. There are two sides: one says that distance should have no impact on load times, whereas the other one disagrees? Can someone please let me have their views?

    Also Can someone recommend a good hosting company in Asia (preferably Singapore or Malaysia).

  5. I’m in Vancouver, Canada. That’s West Coast, and 2-hour drive from Redmond. I noticed “Welcome from Seattle” on my portal. So is that another US data centre?

    Question 2: are there any at all in Canada? This is a huge issue for Canadian clients. They do not trust any data residing in the US.

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